Orion Avenue is a frequently filmed block in Van Nuys with quaint cottage style homes. The following conditions have been crafted to provide a balanced use of the community for location filming. VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE CONDITIONS OUTLINED BELOW MAY RESULT IN PERMIT REVOCATION OR OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION.

The Special Filming Conditions described below will be Included In the terms and conditions of permits Issued for filming In this area and are In addition to the standard terms and conditions applicable to filming permits generally. While these Special Filming Conditions will be Included as terms If a permit In this area Is Issued, they are not Intended to and do not establish the criteria or standards for determining whether or not a particular permit (or permits) will be Issued. The decision whether or not a particular permit (or permits) will be Issued Is vested In the discretion of the appropriate City or County departments or their designees (including the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation/Los Angeles Film Office) to be exercised consistent with public health, safety and general welfare, and applicable landuse ordinances.

    1. Frequency of filming shall be limited to 14 days per calendar year at any one residence.

    2. Affected residents must be notified at least two (2) days In advance of the first day of filming or the first day of any substantial set preparation. Notification will be done by the Los Angeles Film office (LAFO) using the approved notification form. Permit requests must be submitted to the LAFO at least three (3) days in advance.

    3. Companies may request posting on one side of Orion Avenue only for a total of 400 feet.  Posting on Erwin Street will be limited to the south side of the street starting 200' east of Orion Avenue.  Parking of equipment is prohibited in front of 6224 Orion Avenue.

    4. No weekend or holiday filming.

    5. Filming will be limited to only one company per day on Orion Avenue.

    6. Trash and refuse must be removed from the area immediately after filming activities are completed.

    7. Production companies may not arrive in the area prior to 7:00 a.m. and must depart no later than 10:00 p.m., unless approval is obtained from the Los Angeles Film Office and the approved times are indicated on the permit.

    8. Cast and crew may not park on area streets.   Off street parking must be provided.

    9. To ensure compliance with the permit conditions, an offduty/retired police officer, authorized to work location filming assignments, and solely responsible to the LAFO, will be assigned by the Los Angeles Film Office. This officer will arrive at the designated location one (1) hour prior to the permit start time, to ensure proper arrival time, and remain with the production company during all filming related activities to ensure permit compliance and proper departure time.  Any violations of the permit conditions or law not enforced by the officer will be reported to the LAPD Personnel Department.

Note:  Any variance from the above conditions requires signature approval from a majority of residents on the 6200 & 6300 blocks.  Signatures must be obtained in accordance with the approved Los Angeles Film Office survey process.