Cameron Woods Association

Website Guide

  Hopefully everyone has checked out the CWA web site.  We have prepared a brief guide for anyone who has not ventured out and explored the site.

  The website is intended as an information tool to all neighbors.  We hope it is valuable to you, whether you need a phone number for a community service or just want to see who has a birthday this month.

The address is  This first page is our Welcome page, or “home page”.  You can return to this page from any other CWA page by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.  You will notice several boxes on the left side.  By clicking on these links, you will be taken to the page indicated.

History – The history page is for historical information about the neighborhood.  We have posted a story about our neighborhood, some parts of which were from a Los Angeles Times article seven years ago.  There are also some pictures from 1949 shown.  Please feel free to submit any information you have for us to add to this page.  We will tell you how to submit the info later in this guide.

  Neighborhood News – This page is for anything of interest to the neighborhood.  We are posting Birth dates and other important event information.  As with the history page, we encourage everyone to submit any info about yourselves, your family, and our neighborhood.

  Community News – We will attempt to keep everyone informed of interesting news about our general community on this page.  Information such as the MTA/Drive-in status is posted here.

  Filming Information – There is a link to the CWA and EIDC filming guidelines on this page.  You may refer any location personnel to this page for information.  Also shown are the addresses of members and a link to a page for each member that supports filming and the CWA guidelines.  Any pictures of your home and other information may be posted.  Each participating resident may have their own page.

  Preferred Vendors – This very useful page is still in its infancy.  We desperately need feedback from residents about their experiences with vendors or services they have used.  It is our intent to develop a list of vendors with whom residents have had a good experience, and will offer the neighbors a discount or group benefit.  If you have had a poor experience with someone, please let us know that information as well.

  Homeowners Association – Listed on this page are the current officers and board members.

  Contacts – The contacts page shows valuable information about our community.  It also has tools for neighborhood feedback.  You can click on a box to receive the information shown to the right of each box.  We have links to listings of the City Council members with their phone numbers and email addresses.  You can also see a listing of Community Services you may need.  You can obtain the EIDC filming guidelines.

  This page is also helpful for submitting feedback or information for posting on the website.  You can submit neighborhood news, vendor information, specific resident information, and general feedback about the website.  These forms are intended to make it as easy as possible to submit information.  Please try them.  You can’t hurt anything, even if you simply submit a test.

  There is also a listing of all the neighbors on Orion.  This listing is password protected since it includes phone numbers and email addresses.  Only residents are given a password to this page.  All residents interested should give a password to us through the Submit Neighborhood News form on the Contacts page.


  We sincerely hope that the website is a valuable information tool for everyone.  However, it is only as good as the information you give us.  We need and value your input.  Hopefully the forms on the contact page make this quick and effortless.

  If you ever have a question about the website, please feel free to contact Stephanie Davis 787-9573 or Glenn Griley 988-0393.